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Miami to Key West Bus Tour

 Key West 1 Day Tour: Enjoy an exciting ride on your Miami to Key West bus tour. Key West is only a short and charming drive from the Magic City, Florida. The island city offers a sultry blend of cobalt waters, stifling foliage, along with a richhistory of infamous and distinguished figures. The laid back attitude, southern magical charm and Caribbean essence are some of the essentials that make you plan for a Miami to Key West bus tour.

 The Joys of Taking a Miami to Key West Bus Tour: Take a Miami to Key West Bus Tour across the eye-catching Overseas Highway, and get soaked up in all the fun that the tropical paradise has to offer. On these tours, you'll get to see something exciting, shoot someamazing pictures, and explore Key West on your own pace. You may also combine your bus tour with an island activity so as to double your fun! Keep your camera ready, as this drive has been made popular in movies such as 2 Fast 2 Furious (that is a shame on what happened to Paul Walker), Bad Boys, and True Lies, and give you a feel of flying low over blue water as the coach glides placidly towards Key West! The bus tour also gives you the opportunity to hop off from your bus and see places on your own pace.

 Why take Miami to Key West bus tour? The bus tour considers round trip transportation on a luxury motor coach. On this tour, you can see some of the best places, shoot some beautiful photos, and spend 6 hours in the island city to explore its riches. Once in KeyWest the Caribbean atmosphere will welcome you with open arms. And to add to your joys, you have street artists, outdoor cafés and restaurants to keep you engaged throughout. The tour takes you to different places such as Ernest Hemingway’s House, The Mel Fisher Museum, The Light House Museum, the southernmost point of the continental US, Ripley's Believe it or not Museum and Mallory Square. The buses are air-conditioned motor coaches that offer complete comfort on your trip. Whether you want to sleep or stay awake to gawk at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico; the tour gives you a taste of everything. The tour crosses the 7-Mile Bridge that you may have seen in movies such as "Bad Boys," "2 Fast 2 Furious", and "True Lies." The laid-back attitude, old-fashioned shops and outdoor café are enough reasons to make you fall in love with this island city. Key West has every ingredient to keep you engaged. The sandy beaches, rich mansions, and artistic wonders are only a handful of choices that you can explore on your Key West trip. And if you want to see Key West and its nearby attractions in a budget friendly manner, then nothing seems to be a better choice than the bus tours. They are comfortable options that take you to some of the best sights ever. For exclusive tours and packages from Miami to Key West, book your Key West Tour today!


Memorable Tours to Key West by Bus

Dreaming of a luxury Key West vacation but running on a tight budget? Why not plan for tours to Key West by bus and give wings to your dreams. The island city has its base in the Florida Keys and is considered to be the southernmost city in the continental US. Key West is loved by both locals and tourists, preferably for its emerald blue Caribbean waters, white sugary beaches, and warm & welcoming weather.

Why take bus tours?

Tours to Key West by bus are a definitive way to explore the jaw-dropping beauty and incredible engineering of the southernmost part of US Highway. Enjoy a ride down the road popularly known as the Overseas Highway. The Highway 1 spans the complete 2,369 miles of the East Coast of the US and has been tagged as its longest north-south road. Moreover, the 127-mile stretch, which threads the crystal blue waters and tropical landscapes of the Florida Keys is surely one among the nation’s most picturesque routes. America’s southern end US Highway starts with mile post zero at 490 Whitehead Street in the center of Old Town Key West and runs north to the Magic City. A road trip via the Keys on the Overseas Highway is an exclusive and breathtaking experience, and Miami to Key West bus tours are an exclusive way if you wish to relax and take in the sights in élan. The comfortable coaches carve a niche for their comfort and convenience, and with a professional driver by your side, you know you are taking the safest, easiest tour ever. En route, you may gape at the scenery, shoot pictures, browse the Internet or just relax! And then, there is nothing like listening to the narrated tour and taking it all while enjoying an air conditioned ride. Once you reach Key West, you can enjoy whatever activities you want to and then plan for your return to Miami. A bus tour is an ideal choice whether you are interested in a quick day trip or wish to stay in Key West for a couple of days.

What are some of the capabilities and features that you can ask for?

You’ll enjoy on-board wi-fi connectivity, spacious seating, resting and snacking on your bus trip. There’s nothing like chatting with old friends, spending time with your family or interacting with new people. And to double your joys, there are professionals who keep you informed about the rich and fascinating culture of the Keys. You may tour the iconic landmarks like Mel Fisher’s Treasure Hunting Museum, the Southernmost Point, Fort Zachary Taylor, Ernest Hemingway’s House, and more. Adventure seekers can combine their bus trip with some water activity like parasailing, snorkeling or jet skiing. And those who don’t want to get their feet wet can take a glass bottom boat ride. Shopaholics can spend some great time shopping at the nearest shopping malls and then drop by some nearby restaurant to taste the local flavors. And don’t feel scared to have some icy cocktails- after all, you won’t be driving! For promising tours and packages, visit us today!