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Miami Bus Tours: An Evident Choice for Vacationers

Posted by on Feb 10th 2016

Miami Bus Tours: An Evident Choice for Vacationers

Whether historical gems entice you or it’s the natural beauty that keeps you enthralled in a vacation, Miami has

everything to please your inner soul. With a wide array of attractions for vacationers, usually you’ll be confused

when it comes to chalking out a tour itinerary. Fortunately, things have eased down considerably with Miami

bus tours as it is believed to be one of the best ways to explore the incredible city of Miami.

Miami Bus Tours: An Ideal Journey Setter

Miami bus tours have been particularly designed to show vacationers the superb attractions, which the city

houses. The tours are affordable and promise to give you a complete view of the city. The best feature of the

bus tours is that you can get down from the bus anytime and explore the beautiful sights on your own pace.

Once you are satisfied with your stay at a specific location, you may re-board another bus and plan for your

next move.

The beguiling live guides and recorded commentary are an icing on the cake. The narrated tour keeps you

updated about the celebrated past of the city and its attractions. Besides, it also gives you an insight into the city

life. As you sit back and relax, you’ll find the proficient guides sharing their comical stories and funny

anecdotes with the passengers.

Places to See

Some of the major attractions that Miami bus tours will take you to are as follows:

 The Art Deco District: Since it’s setting up in 1920s, the significant Art Deco District has been a key

place of interest in Miami. Give a kick start to your day by exploring the district. Some of the prominent

stopovers include the Waldorf Towers, Colony and Crescent hotels on Ocean Drive. You may also hop-

off from your bus and take a stroll by the boutiques and cafes of Lincoln Road, Washington Avenue and

Ocean Drive.

 Coconut Grove: Coconut Grove houses some of the unique Miami attractions like Vizcaya Museum

and Gardens. Spread across 30 acres, this attraction draws its inspiration from a 16th century Italian

mansion. The museum carves a niche for its magical charm and is known for its charming Italian works

and antiques.

 Coral Gables: Hop-off at Coral Gables, and make your way to the luxury mansions and villas. There’s

nothing more joyous than taking a walk to the grand Biltmore Hotel and enjoying its grandeur. The

Venetian Pool is famous for its fountains, canals, waterfall and coral caves.

What else to see?

There’s something for everybody in Miami. For instance, shopaholics will have a great time at the Bayside

Market Place and take home a marvelous collection of souvenirs and gifts. The tour also takes you to some of

the amazing beaches including the South Beach and Miami Beach.

Miami bus tours are a time saving option for vacationers as you don’t have to plan for travel routes or chalk out

tour itineraries. Instead, everything is planned from before by professionals. All you need to do is make your

reservations, board a luxury bus and enjoy the attractions at your leisure.